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EMS!BBS[message n° 242] mer., 31 mars 2021 09:40
Originally posted by: fidonet[.]org]Scott Labrecque

+ User FidoNet address: 3:640/1115
System Name: EMS!BBS
FTelnet Page available at
Telnet Programs can just connect to port 24

Contents: Files, FIdonet/FSXNet/WinsNET, Doors, including exclusive
Trivia doors (Trek, Babylon5, Buffy, Harry Potter, and True Blood),
WT LORD, Tradewars and others.

Support for WCToday and WCHoliday for Wildcat BBS'

+ The FidoNet News Gate (Huntsville, AL - USA) +
+ The views of this user are strictly his or her own. +

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